The Boks are asking South Africa to go "Forever Green, Forever Gold" to amplify the team’s demonstration that South Africa really is Stronger when its people are Together.

The team’s existing hashtag #StrongerTogether remains unchanged as the umbrella statement of intent. It encapsulates the belief that diversity is a powerful force when aligned, whether of race, language, religion, culture, geography, or any other descriptor.

The Springboks won the Rugby World Cup with a team made up of players with five different home languages and now the team is doubling down on the sentiment by asking South Africa for a lifelong commitment to the principle and all it has come to stand for, by being "Forever Green, Forever Gold".

The new message reflects the instruction Rassie Erasmus gave to his players following the Rugby World Cup victory in France in 2023. Erasmus charged his players to remain true to the spirit of unity, as revealed in "Chasing the Sun II."

Erasmus said: “Guys, can we now go back to South Africa and not fall back into the trap of when someone talks negatively about South Africa, you just keep your mouth shut and say, ‘everything’s stuffed up’.

“Can you say, ‘no, no, no, we can fix it’. Let’s give this guy a chance, whether you’re a farmer, a teacher, or just a rugby player. Can you take this away from rugby – because people will listen to you.

“Take that negative person aside and say to them ‘hey, stop talking crap about our country’ and say ‘let’s make a plan, let’s listen to what this guy is saying’. Let’s start living #StrongerTogether outside rugby. And all players said ‘sure, let’s do it’.”

The "Forever Green, Forever Gold" call to action is to take the #StrongerTogether message into daily life for all time.

Erasmus added: “The people carried us through that World Cup, although they weren’t there, we felt them. I just felt let’s give that support back not just through rugby.”

The Springboks will appear in SA for the first time since winning back-to-back Rugby World Cups in the first match of a sold-out two Test series against world No 2, Ireland, which begins in Pretoria on Saturday.

South Africans are being asked to mark the occasion on Friday – the first #BokFriday of the year – by wearing their green and gold colours in support of the team and its message of inclusiveness and optimism to the country.

Those colours are not just the team's playing colours; they represent the heart and soul of South African rugby, enshrining the enduring spirit of the team and its supporters, symbolising unity, resilience, and pride.

“This new slogan is a commitment to an unwavering dedication to the game and to each other as South Africans,” said Mr Mark Alexander, President of the South African Rugby Union.

“It reflects our firm belief that our strength lies in our unity and diversity. When we come together as one, we are very hard to beat.”

The "Forever Green, Forever Gold" campaign will be featured prominently in all forthcoming matches, communications, and marketing materials. It aims to rally support from every corner of the nation, inspiring fans to stand united in their love for the team.

Springbok captain, Siya Kolisi, said: “Wearing the green and gold jersey is an honour and a privilege and my heart will forever be green and gold. This new slogan is a message to live the principles of #StrongerTogether in our daily lives, as well as give your commitment to the Springboks forever, in the way that we always strive to give our all for the country.”

To celebrate the launch of the “Forever Green, Forever Gold” campaign, SA Rugby promises a roster full of fan engagement moments including a nationwide school war cry challenge, radio competitions, exciting new merch, and an inspiring new Rassie Erasmus content series to follow on from the popularity of the documentaries Chasing the Sun 1 and 2.

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